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Graduated                        Organic Training Summer of 2012

Degree                              Sport and Exercise Science

Sports Played                   Hockey player, worked hard at Uni

Current employment         Queensland all womens gym.


I qualified to become a personal trainer through organic training 2012. Since completing the course I have travelled around the world and the qualification has opened so many doors for me. I am working in a all woman's gym in Queensland, I have slowly built up a clientele and am now able to be a  full time personal trainer It is the perfect job as I love to travel and fitness is becoming so highly prioritised over here that trainers are high in demand and the pay reflects the esteem to which health and fitness are held. It is also such a great way to meet people and gain experiences. In my case the qualification has opened many doors and given me great opportunities. There's not one negative I can say about completing the course with organic training. The speed and quality of the delivery was excellent and aimed at the right level. The cost of the course I made back in a couple of weeks PT.  All the information folders travel with me as I always find it useful. The clients I have trained have become more than that, since leaving the initial gym I regularly see a lot of my clients and call them friends. Big up to Dave (Hooper) for selling me the package because otherwise I'd be working as a waitress staring at the Aussie sun through a window!! Instead I'm out training people along the beach... Hard life of a Personal Trainer. Just wish I had packed my polo shirt!


Declan Spindler                Organic Training Graduate 2012

Degree                              Sport and Exercise Science

Current employment         Teacher & PT - Japan                              


Lewis Sanderson              Organic Training Graduate 2013

Degree                              Sport and Exercise Science

Sports Played                   Basketball

Current employment         Gym Owner LSPT Studios

Contact Details                    


Tom Hartnett                     Organic Training Graduate 2014

Degree                              Psychology

Sports Played                   Body Builder

Current employment         Self-employed @ Gym Versus

Contact                              http://www.gymversus.com                                                


Mike Scott                         Organic Training Graduate 2012

Degree                              Sport Management

Sports Played                   Football

Current employment         Kent Police    


Faye Robertson                Organic Training Graduate 2012

Degree                              Sport and Exercise Psychology

Sports Played                   Fitness

Current employment         Fit Girl Factory





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